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Nonprofit investing, endowment trends, stock and crypto giving

From executive director of a nonprofit, to board member, venture capitalist, technology entrepreneur and investment advisor, Karen Houghton brings a unique perspective to nonprofit financial management. As the CEO and Founder of Infinite Giving, an automated investment platform bringing a smarter investing experience to nonprofits, Karen advocates for organizational sustainability through better financial management and democratized access to the platforms that can help nonprofits get there. Join us for a candid conversation on nonprofit investing, endowment trends, and stock and cryptocurrency giving.


Trista Harris

Being a Future-Focused Leader Now

When faced with a pandemic and the racial uprising, the world shifted, changing long-held policies, social norms, and philanthropic practices that had been thought of as immovable. How do we take that same spirit of change into the future and help ensure that communities in need aren’t left behind? Join Trista Harris to learn where current trends are headed and how we can manifest the future we want to see for ourselves, our sector, and our communities.

Laurence Pagnoni

Should Fundraising Be Apolitical?

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Getting Focused in a Chaotic World

Authors Cannon and Felberbaum will walk us through the individually mindful and organizationally efficient practices that can help you cope with instand overload and the tech tug we all feel these days. By recognizing your perspective, assessing options, taking inspiration from your mission and structuring yourself and your work, you can evolve into a more focused fundraiser!

Larry Johnson

Creating a Fundraising Culture that Works!

A good fundraiser can only go so far alone. To sustain support at a high level an organization needs a high functioning fundraising culture from top to bottom. That type of organizational alignment–where everyone understands their part in fundraising, from the newest staff member to the longest serving board member–is what requires transformational thinking. Join us in a conversation with Larry Johnson, author and Founder of The Eight Principles, to explore how your organization can rethink its approach to fundraising and develop a fundraising culture that really works!

Nick Sollogg

Messy Data In = Messy Data Out: How to Set Your Organization Up for Success

Data is the thread that weaves throughout the life of an organization. Staff come and go but the data that is in your CRM will be there for the long haul. Join Jay Frost and Nick Sollog, Founder & CEO of The Sollog Group, for a conversation about the importance of tracking the best data points and taking time to make sure your data is clean and can be used to inform your fundraising efforts.

Ian MacQuillin

Do we need a fundraiser bill of rights? And if so…why?

A bill of rights is designed to protect one group of people from exploitation by a different group. We get them in politics to protect the people from the excesses of government and their rulers. We get them in the business world to protect consumers and customers from being exploited by marketers. We have a donor bill of rights. Occasionally, someone argues we need a bill of rights for fundraisers. But why? What is wrong in the fundraising profession that fundraisers need protection from harm or exploitation? And whom do they need protecting from? In the latest edition of Philanthropy Masterminds, Ian MacQuillin of the international fundraising think tank Rogare, discusses the issues.

Cherian Koshy & Meenakshi (Meena) Das

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Fundraising

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform nonprofit fundraising. But with this promise there are also substantial ethical questions most nonprofits have yet to consider. What could this mean to your organization? Join Cherian Koshy and Meena Das in a discussion on the risks and rewards of deploying the fast growing array of approaches becoming available to you.

David Szakonyi

From Russia through Philanthropy: Oligarch Donations and Reputation Laundering

Over the past two decades, hundreds of U.S. nonprofits have received massive philanthropic support from Russia’s superwealthy, often celebrated with named scholarships and buildings. David Szakonyi, Co-Founder of the Anti-Corruption Data Collective, shares insights from their surprising database of charitable giving by the oligarchs and talks about the implications of that support in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Olya Kudinenko

Children Fight on Two Fronts

With the invasion of Ukraine, children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and heavy treatment in hospitals are in double horror and stress. These are the twin battles that Tabletochki, one of Ukraine’s leading charities, is fighting for Ukraine’s children with cancer. Join us for a conversation with the leading charity’s founder, Olya Kudinenko, about the work, fundraising before and after the beginning of the war, and what she imagines for the future.

Nancy Rieves

Fearless Fundraising – The Secrets to Overcoming Your Fear of Asking for Money

Do you find yourself held back by fear of fundraising? Many people struggle with asking for money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your fears and raise more money for your nonprofit. Dr. Nancy Rieves shares her top tips and strategies for overcoming fear and intimidation of asking for money — of any size — so you reach your fundraising goals and make a difference. Join us to learn how to be more confident and comfortable asking donors for money they want to give.

Amy Eisenstien

How to Get Your Board Ready for a Capital Campaign

Considering a Capital Campaign? Your board members are probably anxious. Join Amy Eisenstein, CEO and Co-Founder of the Capital Campaign Toolkit to learn how to help your board members feel confident about heading into a campaign.

Rhea Wong

Unpacking the Money Baggage

What beliefs are holding you back from being the fundraiser you want to be? How might our subconscious ideas about money and our relationship to it hinder us? Join us in this thought-provoking discussion about money, the emotional blocks that we put up (without meaning to) and how it might be keeping you in scarcity.

Patton McDowell

Seven Keys to Nonprofit Leadership

Do you know the steps you need to take to reach your goal as a nonprofit leader? Whether you are just starting out or are a mid-career professional, nonprofit expert and author Patton McDowell has a roadmap for you. In today’s conversation, we will explore the proven, concrete tools and best practices that are essential to becoming an impactful leader. We will learn how to elevate overall productivity, capitalize on internal and external networks, develop a board that will support you on your path, and much, much more.

Poonam Prasad

Making the Most of Your New Year End Donors

You just finished your year end fundraising effort. There are dozens–maybe even hundreds or thousands–of new donors. What’s next? How can you get to know them? How should you cultivate them? How might they impact your fundraising in the year ahead? Join in the discussion with industry veteran Poonam Prasad as she provides a fresh look at the best ways to make the most of your newest supporters!

Cannon Brooke

The Algebra of a High Performing Research Shop

Building and maintaining a high-performing research shop is more important than ever, especially in the post-COVID world. A chat about setting up a high-functioning research shop, getting buy-in from the right people, maintaining influence, running successful strategies meetings, and what services to offer.

Kimberley Mackenzie

An Introduction to Social Audio For Social Good

Are you Clubhouse Curious? Perhaps you are a bit skeptical and don’t want another social channel to clutter up your life and/or have no idea what the fuss is about? This session will include an overview of how the app works, how millions of people are using it to have over 600,000 conversations everyday and what the implications could be for the nonprofit sector to use social audio to raise money, learn and collaborate.

Art Taylor

Straight Talk

Straight Talk on charity monitoring, innovations in giving, and DEI in nonprofit leadership with Art Taylor, President and CEO of, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Host of The Heart of Giving Podcast.

Cindy Wageman

How to Help Reluctant Fundraisers

Cindy Wagman, President of The Good Partnership and author of the new book “Raise It! The Reluctant Fundraiser’s Guide to Raising Money Without Selling Your Soul” joined us this week and shared the real reasons even the most successful leaders are often afraid to fundraise…and how to overcome that fear. Cindy shared the the secrets of neuroscience to unlock our ability to confidently and successfully ask for support.