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Delivering Your Best Donor Prospects Instantly.

Join the thousands of nonprofits using ProspectView Online, DonorSearch’s lightning-fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand solution. You’ll discover, qualify, and prioritize your best fundraising opportunities. The ProspectView Online research platform  answers the question every fundraiser asks about their donors, “Who has the capacity and the demonstrated commitment to give generously to our cause?”

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Identify and Qualify

We approach things from the standpoint that wealth does not equate to giving.

Instead, giving behavior and history alongside wealth correlate to a greater likelihood of giving.

ProspectView Online helps connect the dots between what is in a donor’s heart and their capacity to give.

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Gift Search

Explore the world’s largest philanthropic database for the proven charitable giving of individuals, organizations, or foundations.
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Prospect Generator

Discover new prospects and confirm giving interests by researching their philanthropy to similar causes by category, name, and geographic location.
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Marketing Lists

Access hundreds of wealth, giving, and demographic attributes of over 160 million households to build prospect lists that will grow your donor pipeline.
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Search Options

Access dozens of databases–covering business, real estate, foundation, stock, and more–to complete the picture of your best prospects and take action.
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Integrated Search

Generate comprehensive prospect profiles in seconds using this one-by-one search tool that delivers wealth, philanthropic, relationship, and demographic data.

Analyze and Strategize

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Advanced analytics and Portfolio Insights

Qualify prospects and build actionable prioritized fundraising portfolios.

Start with our RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) score to rank donor loyalty and long-term potential, along with relationship mapping to leverage their circle of influence. Then, dive deeper into Major Gift and Annual Fund Likelihood scores, as well as our Planned Giving Prospect Identification ratings to plan the type of gifts you will solicit.

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Data visualization of your donor and prospect data.

Executive Analysis is a suite of visual representations of the data in your screening and research results.The customizable views give your leadership a solid understanding of your donor base’s philanthropic potential for goal-setting.

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Key word search

Strategically filter your screening and research results.

Use Keyword Search to quickly refine into specific cause areas to enhance your upcoming campaign with a strategic plan, personalized engagement, and achievable fundraising goals.

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Donor-Centric Hot Spots

Save time and money with donor geographic mapping.

Use our Google Maps integration to see exactly where your major donors are to plan your cultivation events and personal visits. Create heat maps of donor-centric areas, use the advanced filters and street views to zero in on specific prospect groups.

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Manage and mobilize

Find quickest route to prospects with greatest giving potential.

Use our file processing tool to format and securely upload your prospect files and lists. Our powerful my portfolio module validates, analyzes, segments, and exports your results into prioritized portfolios.

Share and customize

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Organizational master account setup allows you to add sub-account holders who can view and access your DonorSearch platform.

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You decide your platform view, personalize your profile layout, and tailor your prospect portfolio to specific fundraising roles.